The story behind the story: Whitfield Landing

I would like to introduce The Story Behind the Story.  This will be a short series of weekly posts, 5 in total, each focusing on one particular painting from my narrative work.  

For a number of years I have created paintings based on day to day anecdotes and incidents from communities all over Canada as well as in Ireland where my family originated.  I draw material from true stories that are passed from teller to teller. What interests me most is the telling of the tale or the way a story is perceived and possibly re-interpreted by a teller.   All of my paintings are based on true stories as they were told to me.  

When people look at my work they often ask me where the story came from and is it true?  In each post I will share a painting and give a little background on how I came upon the story.  After all, stories don’t always need to be made up.  There is nothing stranger and more wonderful than life, just the way it happens...

Whitfield Landing

The story behind the story:

One thanksgiving our whole family rounded up as many canoes as we owned and could borrow, piled into them and launched an adventure at Whitfield landing. The intention was to give a cousin, visiting from Ireland, a Canadian thanksgiving experience.  It was a beautiful day.

acrylic on canvas

24" x 30"